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We are all a spark of infinite love and infinite life. My passion is to clarify paradigms and vibrational realities so you can live the most authentic life you prefer. My gift is to offer insights into your current reality, helping you attune to your preferred path.

I have been allowed the opportunity to guide individuals in personal and universal understanding, including yogis, business executives, professors, musicians, collegiate football players, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, agnostics, and more.  My abilities have found missing people for the police department, offered actionable psychic support, and reconnected loved ones with those who have passed on through my gift of mediumship. 

I have also guided thousands of travelers through my roles as owner of high-frequency Breathe Yoga Studio, as professor at both the University of Redlands and California State University San Bernardino, as a retreat and workshop leader at institutions such as Esalen, Joshua Tree Retreat Center, and Mt. Madonna Retreat Center, through my original research on the effects of music on brain waves, as the creator of the award winning DVD Yoga Music Union, and as the mother of two wonderful young men.

May we all be supported in our own unique existence.

What does a session look like?

Access to truth and clarity is available! A session with me is a tool to uncover what may be difficult or confusing to translate on your own. My sessions are predominately question-and-answer opportunities to bring forth information which will clarify your life. Communication revolves around past, present, and future situations from a multidimensional perspective. 


You can come to the session with many specific questions, or one open-ended theme in your life needing divine insights. Usually a spectrum of questions are asked, including health, relationship, general clarity on a soul's path/purpose, and more. 


Some people request and receive insights from loved ones who have passed on. 


Sessions can be done in-person in Encinitas, California, or on the phone. 

How much does a session cost?

How can I schedule a session with you?

45-minute sessions are $175

90-minute sessions are $300 

Email contact@juliejackson.com to set up a session.

You can request small group or large group sessions, retreat engagements, and other live speaking options. 


Email contact@juliejackson.com for more information.

Do you offer any live speaking engagements?

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