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"I have had the pleasure and honor to know and work with Julie. We first connected after being prompted by my son who died in 2001. Since then Julie has been there when I needed support and clarity. She sees me like no other and her clear, pure guidance is non-judgemental and infinitely loving. Connecting with Julie continues to be a port in the storm for me and she helps me connect to my truth with loving compassion. I am eternally grateful that Spirit brought us together."

-Kei, Carlsbad

"In the time when I sought Julie for support and clarification in my soul's purpose, she was honest, trustworthy, and a bridge between my life and the divine energies. Julie has shown patience and understanding throughout my hard times and celebrates the little steps on the way to union with the divine and embracing infinite love as a way of being. I am grateful to know Julie and her gift to provide a compassionate and inclusive space to those who thirst to walk a path of divine inspiration."

-Katia, Redlands

"Julie has been a clear, guiding presence for me through some of the most disorienting and challenging phases of spiritual awakening/ego dissolution. Her channeled guidance is direct, always spot-on, and infused with a divine encouragement that clarifies next steps and has me feel “truly seen, supported, and not alone” in this process. Most importantly, she has been walking this path herself, and brings all of her authentic experience, humility, humor, and understanding to our sessions. She is a gift, and an amazing mentor for sincere spiritual evolution."

-Kevin, Santa Cruz

"Julie Jackson has provided me with life-altering guidance and support. Her insights are spot on, and her recommendations have been brilliant. Having Julie as a part of my support network has brought me to places I didn’t think I could go in a way that always respects who I am. I am eternally grateful that she was brought into my life."

-Linda, Sacramento

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